We have a handful of updates this week.

UI Updates

  • Cloning of scenarios
    You are now able to clone scenarios within a requirement. It’s a very common task for a user to want to clone a scenario to make a slight change from an existing scenario such as having multiple add to cart buttons on a page. It’s now as simple as a click of a button, no need to recreate scenarios anymore.
  • Manual sorting in documents
    Since documents are usually used to present requirements in a meeting such as a walkthrough for your technical team, the default sort which is by requirement ID does not always cut it. You may want to tell your story in a specific order, therefore, we’ve added a way for you to manually sort the requirements within a document as you see fit. Simple drag and drop the requirements up or down to perform a manual sort.

Chrome Extension

Although the Chrome extension is not publicly available yet, we’ve made a private link available on our website. It is completely functional but we still do have a lot of work to do, a long list of upcoming features and ideas to implement – we are actively looking for feedback.

  • FREE for all
    We’ve also made the Chrome extension free, so that everyone may use it without a direct connection to the TagPipes platform. Premium features are still available to all existing and future TagPipes customers.